Theory What if Yuta and his comrades leap in to assist Gojo?

What will be the result?

  • Sukuna was thoroughly defeated.

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When Sukuna loses the ability to use his domain, Ui Ui teleports the entire group to confront Sukuna. Higurama opens his domain to retrieve the executioner sword, possibly intending to give it to Gojo. Yuta then employs Domain Expansion, encompassing all the individuals present, including Maki, Gojo, Higurama, and Yuji.

Do you believe this course of action would lead to a more favorable outcome than the current situation?

Yuta admitted if they all joined in then Gojo would be massively nerfed. Sukuna revives fully, Kamitoke comes into play, Gojo can’t use his big moves without anybody dying in the crossfire, Sukuna uses Black Flash eventually, Mahoraga and Agito stay longer.

Sukuna would probably win easier because of that if we are being honest here.
I think if they jump in post both fighter having run oout of domain expansion they have a shot at killing Sukana. Before that they would be a burden.

But after that they could keep the summons busy and possibly even kill them depending on how maki match Maho(since she doesnt have a technique to adapt to).

Maho being being busy with the rest means he doesnt get to show Sukana the slash. That gives Gojo a lot more latitude to fighting Sukana. And I think hand to hand Gojo is enough to weaken Sukana to the level of Yuuta or Maki even if he cant win straight up.

So I think they could take it if they show up post burn out and distribute role properly.