Current Events What is happening with Sanji’s body? And are his powers related to King’s Race?

Absolutely nothing implied that his powers are related to King's race. Queen simply brought it up to let us know of King's tribe without it sounding unnatural. It was an idle remark of "You're not a cyborg, you're not even a Lunaria... how do you produce fire?!"

Though what we know for sure is that if there's a loophole, it's in the former. Sanji feels weird after wearing RS- thus, it's related to his Germa mutation stuff.
-the RS has awoken his exoskeleton (sigh)
-I don’t think Sanji’s powers are Lunarian related. Why only him and not the other Vinsmokes? Would Judge not have said something about DJ if it was a sign his experiments did work? As far as I remember he was more surprised that Sanji could use Haki than him having DJ
Exoskeleton would make him a cyborg when he vehemently says he's not. That would be weird if Oda made him fight his lineage only to become it in the end.

I think something is happening to Sanji, we don't know yet. Maybe a quick Sora flashback will tell us.