Current Events What is happening with Sanji’s body? And are his powers related to King’s Race?

-the RS has awoken his exoskeleton (sigh)
-I don’t think Sanji’s powers are Lunarian related. Why only him and not the other Vinsmokes? Would Judge not have said something about DJ if it was a sign his experiments did work? As far as I remember he was more surprised that Sanji could use Haki than him having DJ
Sanjis the only vinsmoke without the lineage factors judge put in. Just because he has access to some stuff doesn’t mean anyone else would.

Every germa footsoldier was in awe of Diable Jambe when he used it against Luffy so it’s clearly not something the other vinsmokes can do.

If it’s something only Sanji can do it’s likely related to what makes Sanji different from his siblings, not being enhanced
I have a feeling Judge wasnt surprised to Sanji Diable Jambe was PIS.
What were you people expecting Judge to react? Make the Eneru face???

He’s one of the most stern and nonchalant characters in the series, and to top it off he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of Sanji, his failure, showcasing a W.

Judge knows about Diamble Jamble the same way the rest of his kids know and also had no reaction. He’s simply a late bloomers who’s still weaker than them
Exoskeleton would make him a cyborg when he vehemently says he's not. That would be weird if Oda made him fight his lineage only to become it in the end.

I think something is happening to Sanji, we don't know yet. Maybe a quick Sora flashback will tell us.
Sanji also vehemently said he wouldn’t ever wear the RS. Sadly, Vinsmoke Germa bullshit is here to stay with Sanji, no matter what he says.
Sanji also vehemently said he wouldn’t ever wear the RS. Sadly, Vinsmoke Germa bullshit is here to stay with Sanji, no matter what he says.
We all knew Sanji would use Chekhov's raid suit. Oda would reverse character development to let him draw fun new toys.

This is different. It would make Sanji not human which would change him completely.
But ill keep it as a PIS because if Oda do the both ways (Judge put Lunarian genes / he didnt know Sanji had DJ ) it will give the important message to us as a reader whats the origin of DJ.
I feel like if Oda does have Sora be a descendent of the Lunarian it would make sense if Judge did not know of Soras ancestry with how Judge is self absorbed and refusal to listen to others.
in the begining DJ was a technique like he has to spining around to make his foot heaten
Then that got immediately retcon’d the very next arc when he set his whole body on fire at will and only continued to branch off from that explanation with each passing arc.

In universe explanation is that’s just how Sanji discovered it by trying to apply friction. Oda in an SBS has said he does it with passion, like Sanji says in the latest chapter. No friction involved