Questions & Mysteries What is York talking about “Sins”?


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York is a Vegapunk and she is "greed".

Ngl, I think she is about to redeem herself. She does things her own way, maybe she set up the snail up there as a trap, because she is confidentially leaking information. That is what pings me. She would be truly a "genious" if she singlehandedly manages to fool everyone INCLUDING the Gorosei.

That is my theory right now. York is sacrificing herself to fool Mars into a trap.

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she is talking about the vegapunks going against the celestial draogns who are considered the gods of this world, how can people not see that?
And that's not mars surprised at what she's saying it's just him noticing the voice he talked about
Really? You surprised that some One Piece fans can't read a picture book correctly when you part of this cummunity for years?
As usual Z-boyz have no self-awareness smh
She is glazing the Gorosei.

"Sins" refers to the defiance and rebellious actions of Vegapunk and the satellites that turned Egghead into a warzone and forced the Gorosei to get involved there personally to restore order.

She is trying her best to avoid the Gorosei just saying "fuck it", killing her with the other Vegapunks, forsaking the Mother Flame project and cleansing everything.
Because she is well aware that without those items she has no leverage to become a CD which is what she means by their relationship is already troubled.

She’s saying that the punks have gone against the Gorosei orders and the Gorosei have gone against her as well. They have a very tenuous relation built on nothing more than quid pro quo. If that is gone then York can’t be a CD and the gorosei don’t get their weapon.