Questions & Mysteries What "Kingly ambitions" do AdmiraLs have?


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dressrosa opening:
Akainu vs luffy
Fujitora vs zoro
Kizaru vs sanji

I also think.. greenbull VS yamato:choppawhat::choppawhat:
Don't worry about that, it was just TOEI's work, the anime material is not canon mate.

Besides I quite doubt Issho will have to be entirely defeated during the Final War. He will probably end up giving the SHs and Revos a chance if he trusts them since Issho is aware of what Absolute Justice is comporting and the atrocities of the Government. I think Coby himself would be tremendously happy to establish a new order. :cheers:

If we think about it Issho wasn't so aggressive in Dressrosa.
I don’t think one second he won’t have it.
There is a reason why Law has an ultimate devil fruit. You could clearly see the difference between their thought process here against Big Mom:
Law: Cant believe I have to beat this monster just so I can learn more about history
Kidd: We're gonna bring her down even if it kills us

Kidd's resolve is on another level. Law is kind of undecided with his life goals, how could someone like that have CoC? Forget about others, heck, even Blackbeard might not have CoC.