Manga Discussion What manga are you currently reading?

I'll start

One Piece
One Punch Man (manga & webcomic)
Dragon Ball Super
Vinland Saga
Hunter x Hunter
The Breaker

@Grumpy Zoro
@Ice devil slayer
@Winsmoke Sanji
@Robin swan
@Orojackson Refugee
@Sword God Ryuma
@Mr. Anderson
@yunzabit heights
@Monster trio
@Don DaSlayer
@Master OF Haki
@Topi Jerami
@Luffy is the mc
@worst pirate
@Garp the Fist
@Dark Hound
@Light D Lamperouge
@Owl Ki
@Admiral Lee Hung
@Starbound Beast D. Draig
@Benn beck
@Foxy Bunny
@Cyrus the Cactus
@Zoro D Goat
@critical mindset
@Sakura no Hiluluk
@Usopp Haoshoku Haki
@Monkey D Theories
@Yo Tan Wa
@Izaya X
@gon's missing arm
@Albino ๐Ÿ‘‘
@Dark Knight Sanji
@Gol D. Roger
@Emperor Nami
@Gensui Sazid
@Hanzo hattori
@Buggy D Clown
@Tenshi No Konan
@Guan Yu
@MD Zolo
@Sadistic Senpai
@Celestial D. Dragon
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Manga (not ranked in particular order):

- One Piece
- Chainsawman (read it! Super fun!)
- King of Cave will live in Paradise (new manga! Fresh and optimistic!)
- Pluto (Naoki Urasawa's Astro Boy)
- Monster (Naoki Urasawa's monster)
- Haikyuu (like a love letter to sports)
- Berserk (possibly dropped, hiatuses are too long)
- Attack on Titan (really like Eren and his payoff)
- Giant Killing, another love letter to sports.

I would like to recommend some manhwa i'm reading. Many of them are equally good to even top manga. These are all heavy-hitters, read one of those and i think you will be blown away.

Manhwa (ranked, bottom as the best):

- The First Night with The Duke (one of the best romance comedy manhwas and mangas ever imo. The main chars are really original and witty, the interactions are the best)

- Bastard (the best thriller manhwa i ever read. Every chapter and each scenes are meaningful and suspenseful)

- The Girl Downstairs (possibly the best romance fiction work among any manga or manhwa i ever read. Real slow-paced, but it doesnt drag. It enjoys each walk with the beloved or each blush as we flirt)

- Gosu / The Master (the best shonen-themed manhwa i ever read. Hyper-explosive fight scenes, nothing like it really. Explosion effect better than One Piece or any shonen. Flexible style storytelling, sometimes fun and bright but sometimes dark and full of twist and back-forth to unravel the mysteries, really original and complex main character, etc)

- Friday Forbidden Tales (the best manhwa i ever read. Consists of various short stories. Psychological and mind-bending.)
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What I'm currently reading:

One Piece
Golden Kamuy (read it, it's exciting, full of weird antagonists and has a very unique humor)
Vagabond (highly reccomend it, have actually finished it long ago but rereading it from time to time)
One Piece
Solo leveling
One punch man

Dr. Stone (hiatus reading it)
Kingdom (hiatus reading it)
HxH (hiatus)
Detective conan (hiatus reading it and forget which is the last chapter that I read XD)

MHA (dropped it since hero licence test. I feel so tired to read more)

Fruit Basket (Done)
Inuyasha (Done)
Haikyuu (Done)
Bastard (Done)
Interesting topic.

I'm "reading" just a few at the moment yet with different focus:

"Read" it betting before the chapter how many times it will make me roll my eyes (or how much fan service there is for FT):
Solo leveling
FT normal version and in space.

Read the manga just to see how the story is developing, skipping even a lot of dialogues just to get to interesting parts or simply the end if there isn't:

Read with some interest:
Goblin slayer
One piece
Martial legacy (if it restarts for real)

Read with interest, some times even reread the latest chapter while waiting for the new one:
One punch man (to a lesser degree)

Not counting the series which are on hiatus or come out monthly or less: Vinland saga, hxh

Warchief Sanji D Goat

One Piss
Jujutsu Kaisen
Chainsaw Man
Dr Stone
Fire Force
Vinland Saga
My Hero Academia
Black Clover
One Punch Man
Hajime no Ippo
Record of Ragnarok
Attack on Titan