General & Others What Original Character are you able to imagine that would fit The Straw Hats Adventure ?

I'm speaking about Restaurant, Bar, Gardeners, Crews, Ex-Shchibukai.

Just precise the Arc and hiw they interact with existing characters.
Or explain what could happen in a spin-off Movie with your character ( with the Straw Hats, a Straw Hat as a main character ).


I would think about defining characteristics that are missing in the Strawhat crew and maybe build a character out of that. Things like the character's abilities, their appearance or racial traits, any remaining roles in a pirate ship, or missing character archetypes in the group dynamic.

Abilities: A logia user. An aerial specialist with wings or clouds. A mid-range gunner who does not overlap with Usopp's long-range sniping. Niche weapons like chains, hammers, new dials.

Appearance: A giant (needs a size changing DF). A Mink substantially different from Chopper. A Dwarf. An overly muscular character. A jokey appearance like a jester or performer. A character wrapped in clothes/DF ability with a mystery look.

Roles: Apprentice. Lookout. Log keeper. Scout.

Archetypes: Shonen girl defined by her love of the MC. Meek/shy character that doesn't say much. Stoic character that can't take a joke and lacks emotional expression. Lazy laid back character that lacks drive and is motivated by external circumstances.

I've never truly and deeply thought about an "original" Strawhat of my own design, but I have entertained the idea of a Strawhat that ends up being an irredeemable traitor and maybe even a main arc villain after years of bonding and build up. That's interesting to me because that's a direction that never in a million years would Oda pull the Strawhats. I just like exploring unorthodox but possible ideas the 900 chapter series hasn't covered.
1 A crew conceived a Few Years Ago :

☕ The Captain :

No tragic past.
An ex-Tailor who was selling buttoned shirt on the sea.
He ended up doing Diplomacy Missions :
To evitate open battles between the strongest crew of Pirates, sometimes lacking of negotiating ability, he would be hire as an Intermédiaire.

A very risky job, that he was happy to do.
He had two previous partners :
A guy who stayed with him 2-3 years before deciding to open a Bakery.
An old friend for a Coffee-bar who had a hard life and wanted to be useful a little more. He died after 2-3 weeks on a hard mission.

The Captain sometimes help Marines & Pirates negociations too.

All this work is in priority to evitate casualties.

( His prime is 200 M - 300 M berry. He negociated it with the government to repel small times bounty hunter an pirate crews going after his head ).

For years he stayed in Paradise - Grand Line : but seeing how the New World could need someone like him, he went in.

His 2nd partner volunteered in accompany him. And died ( a smile on his face ).

The main difference between Paradise and New World was that on Paradise, he was confortably stronger than his client, while on New World, he sometimes deal with Client immensely stronger than he is.

His key, his Trump card, the little girl who can save him ( and sometimes some hostages too ) on a daily basis is his little Intelligent-Theiere-Octopus always with him. She can emit a puissant somniferous blast. Not a lot can resist it. But in those case, he has to take her and flee because he is clearly not insensible at that blast either.

Anyway, given his good relations with a lot of powerful crew, confrontations are very rare.

🌴 His Second-in-command ( Will take the Captain place when he will progressively retire ).

No tragic past.
A Woman, Martial Artist, small, young, fast and Hitting really Hard.
Punch and Kicks Blasts ( Karate, not Judo so much ).
A little stronger than her captain.
Energic, Calm, In Control of Herself, determinate.

🏵️❤️ The Shield. Too. Pacific Doberman Mink :

3 M 30
Ex-Marine Real Admirals.
Just Want to protect those that need him, those that he loves.
Won't attack anymore.
Admiral Level Shield.
Clearly not as resistant as the Barrier Fruit
But stills can, block 3 Admirals Full Strenght Attack before being harmed.

😂 Gardener Guy :

He gardens on the ship.


Those were my head canon fan characters.
1. Jake : a guy willing to go in space. He is actually a Pomacanthus imperator fishman. He is solitary, determinate, and a little quiet.
( 20 years old )

He build Space-Ship since years and could use Franky help.

The Straw Hats go on a moon ( not the same one as Enel ) where lives 2 / 3 races of creature.

As a Festive Event, the Straw Hats participate in Team Games ( something on Strategy for putting Robin, Nami and Sanji on the scene ) while Luffy an Zoro amicaly fight Garp, Smoker, Momousagi and Coby who followed them.