Future Events What Sanji vs King means to Zoro future opponent and how it all connects to Luffy vs Katakuri

So in latest chapters a particular matchup became popular that is sanji vs king most one fans thought zoro was the one to fight king some people thought it was marco and only some sanji fans thought sanji would fight king

the reason were:
  • both fly
  • both use flames
there were other reasons but these were the most common ones and if you look at it makes sense

but i believe why there’s more to it

In wci when luffy started fighting katakuri it was pretty katakuri was better version of luffy in every way
katakuri was better than luffy in every way
  • devil fruit
  • speed
  • strength
  • haki
but over time luffy got stronger defeated katakuri by upgrading his strength,speed,haki

now let’s look at king compared to sanji

  • better speed
  • better flight efficiency
  • better durability (zoans have astonishing durability)
  • better haki (i would assume a yonko right hand haki is better than sanji)
  • stronger flames(this is an assumption)
  • uses his hands
  • uses weapons
sanji doesn’t use his hands in combat and doesn’t use weapons and has to fight someone who’s already better than him every on top of that he doesn’t nerf himself like sanji

so if sanji vs king does happen we would get a new theme for the monster trios fights of the trio fighting opponents that are better than them in every way and overcoming them

now we already talked about luffy and sanji it’s time to talk about zoro

I don’t think zoro will fight his better version in wano as there isn’t any to fit the criteria but i think it will be another right hand of another yonko in another arc as zoro is needed to be in the fight against kaido and it wouldn’t make sense for zoro to solo queen or king then join the fight against kaido so maybe solo jack or who’s who makes more sense

i’m talking about Shiryu doesn’t seem to have the honor of swordman like zoro and seems the guy that would take chances and cheat to win with his df he can go invisible so it will pretty hard for zoro to keep up with a strong swordman and keep up his CoO all the time and we know that zoro is specialized in CoA

oda brought back absloms df which we already know it’s capabilities but it’s pretty clear that shiryu would awaken

before you guys jump at me no i’m not a zoro hater and i care about powerscaling but for a certain extent

Poor tobi went from orochi vs zoro, zoro vs smoothie and sanji vs king to ... the same usual pattern :suresure:
They understood yellow vs yellow, leg vs leg don't mean shit anymore because as King said "no need to stay in one style" :suresure::suresure:

Kizaru faced marco, rayleigh, ben beckman, targetted to kill pre-skip Zoro, so faced all the RH and looks like the closest to Aka Inu, that may lead to something :moonwalk:
Zoro vs Kizaru and Luffy vs Akainu is bound tp happen
Both admirals nearly kill them if not for Top tiers rescuin them (Shanks and Rayleigh )