What scares you the most? What you can't stand the sight?


The multi-dimensional universe and how through its concept there is no matter including this very post, all who read it, and all who will as reality is a projection of thought in attempts for duality to unify into the creator once again
All of that stuff daily roaming this site too.
I dont take this site (or any other forum) serious but the sad thing is, world is full of those things and people act as if its normal yknow... Let me add one more thing to that list i.e: Self Awareness.... Im dumbfounded by the number of people i come across regularly that have no Self Awareness.
Animals. Pretty much every animal.
Dogs: I have been chased by many dogs, got injured in every chase
Chickens: This one mfer jumped from a 4 story high building just to attack me.
Birds: There are many birds near my house. They get very aggressive when they lay eggs (which is like all the time). Crows have attacked me twice and i can feel the other birds threatening me too.
Cats: I have seen em kill.
hornets: three of em bit me at the same time.. I was hospitalized
Cockroaches spiders scorpions don’t scare me one bit

what terrifies me are rats
Nasty nasty nasty
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Worstgen users scare me most I have nightmares about them they are crazy
oh shit
I forgot to add im scared of donkeys
Because they’re so damn stupid