Questions & Mysteries What to you is the most important element of a successful story?

What's the most important one to you?

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Cast interaction, then plot and world building. It is more about enjoyment for me. Even though if something does not make sense. But if its making me laugh or feel other emotions. I consider it good.


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I just recently started Princess Connect: Re Dive! Which is a successful story. It has the best gacha game of japan 2021 and the anime is just attracting more and more viewers. Its already successful because the Konosuba studio decided to adapt it in 2020 and they turned this anime into a majestic eyegasm with toptier animation.

The show itself is trashy, exactly what you expect from comedy. PriConne might too similair to something like Konosuba but what makes PriConne so successful, especilay throughout 20/21/22?

PriConne is original and it is honest trash. It focusses on satisfying the viewer in every case with pleasant optics, pleasant girls. Yes this is a waifu wank show and its the best waifu wank show that focusses on wanking waifus and giving them wholesome stories.

This show neither has a good plot nor supreme battles. This show is just wholesome art in your face, wholesome comedy and wholesome best girls. This franchise is underrated and I think aslong things stay as it is, it will succeed more than most shows.

We will for sure enjoy PriConne still into the 2030s. Mark my words.
Why did I share this? I became a PriConne wanker too for all of the above reasons. This is a show thats completely breaking the norm with how well done the mix is.
A personal style is what molds all the other elements, that are combined according an author’s personal vision.
I’ve seen stories technically perfectly executed but the sheer lack of style made them absolutely bland, while flawed stories with a recognisable style often leave a great impression.
Among mainstream works of fiction JoJo and OP are examples of flawed stories whose uniqueness makes them stand out. If we delve into the domain of cinema or Literature it becomes much more complex.