Character Discussion What was even the point of Kaido’s scar from Zoro?

  • Zoro gets Enma
  • Zoro gets told he'd surpass Oden if he gets a black blade
  • Oden severely wounded Kaido
  • Zoro struggles with Enma
  • Scarring Kaido is all he could do with his power/injuries
  • Zoro gains AdCoC and learns how to control Enma
  • Zoro kills Kaido and completes what Oden failed to do
Very Simple Mr. Swallow, very very simple indeed 👌🏾
Too bad that Zoro is almost dead because of the asspull medicine lmao
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Him scarring Kaido is to signify the moment Zoro=Oden.
If one can lift 2 tons while the other can only lift 1 ton, the former is clearly better than the latter.
If two people can permascar Kaido just the same, it means they're roughly equal in strength.