Break Week What will say Zoro: I'm gonna fight against Kaido or King

Kaido or king

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I would rather Luffy vs Kaido with a Gomu Gomu Awakening to establish his Yonkoi statues. Zoro already did his part‚ injuring Kaido with Oden's sword. Let Luffy establish his Yonkoi statues‚ we are nearing the end of story and Luffy got enough powerups in all three types of haki‚ now all that is needed is a fruit Awakening and then it will be believable when he beats Kaido


Law Nerd
Well Marco is still fighting off King unless Oda will overturn the tables but Zoro is not really interested in King or at least he didn't display such. My dream is that Zoro v King doesn't occur and Zoro simply assists Yamato before or after Luffy does.

It's true that Luffy spelled those words and Zoro trusts him consistently, but on the other flip of the medal they were formerly taking him together.
Both can happen but I see more chance of king.......not from his perspective but from overall perspective king vs marco who's power level we already know and who already shined in mf and who is not from worstgen mind you.......marco defeating king serves no purpose.....sanji is fighting queen , other staw hats fighting F6 and so on too............zoro already fought kaido and already scarred him and even after defeating king he can still land an attack on dragon kaido later on.........that being said zoro and yama vs kaido or zoro/law/kidd vs BM can also happen........
it doesn't make sense for Zoro to go fight kaido right now. We've barely even seen yamato vs kaido. That fight is especially important as we don't know what yamato's devil fruit is, nor do we know kaido's backstory.

I'm willing to bet Luffy uses the voice of all things to call marco and that Zoro takes over for him against king. Then after that, Oda can have zoro land one more hit against kaido before zoro's timelimit runs out.

In any case, given that zoro does have a timelimit, does it even make sense for him to fight someone like kaido, who has near unlimited stamina?
I don't wanna King be spent to Marco vs King fight. We already saw Zoro fight Kaido so he might change an opponent now just like many did till now (ie. Kid). It makes sense if we think that Sanji fights Queen and Luffy fights Kaido.
I just don't know how will Marco stop the fight with King, maybe the BM pirates will interfere? He also had a "death flag" since the start of Onigashima.