Break Week What will say Zoro: I'm gonna fight against Kaido or King

Kaido or king

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You mean the sanji vs King you swore would happen
I actually said zoro vs king as soon as 1008 happened and was telling sanji fans it would be sanji vs queen. Then I changed back for some reason. There was a lot of evidence of sanji vs king including panels like the one the person just replied to me. That doesn’t matter though. Oda doesn’t overthink everything.

when it comes to matchups he makes it simple.
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How does this panel relates to the so called "sanji vs King"?
Sanji vs king had way more evidence and if you saw it you would know that. Sanji and queen had only one thing connecting them and that was judges line. Bringing up a panel from 700 chapters ago to justify zoro going back to the roof won’t age well
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Especially an out of context panel
I think we’ve got a good chance of seeing extreme diff fights here.

For the proper fights at least, I still haven’t got over how shit Nami’s fight with Ulti ended up.

Zoro vs Mr 1 is generally considered to be extreme diff, but he got back up after ten minutes and got back into action. Personally I count all the Alabasta fights as extreme diff and that’s why we got the scene at the end of it with them all collapsed as a group, but that’s neither here nor there.

Really just depends what is left for the Strawhats to do after the fights are finished, and here, I don’t think there will be much. It’s a floating island- that problem I see getting solved by Momo- the fodder can be taken out by the samurai and the Minks. An Oars fight, I wouldn’t mind (help redeem Nami and Usopp) but I don’t see as likely.

Only thing that stands out for me that could need Sanji and co after the fights are over is for what CP0 will do.
Didn't Sanji get back up faster and come upon the fallen Zoro helping him get up ?

I know Sanji had some broken bones from when Mr.2 used Nami's appearance to land a bunch of free hits, but beside that i think it was a high difficulty fight for Sanji.

Zoro and Sanji i don't really think get Extreme Difficulty fights. I think just Mr.1 sort of counts, but that really was so particular in terms of what made it so that up to a point Zoro really couldn't do much against Mr.1.

I think the extreme difficulty fights are mostly Luffy's cup of tea, as usually those are the final obstacles and Luffy isn't really needed for anything else and the rest of the crew tends to handle the aftermath.

I think Zoro and Sanji are most likely to defeat King and Queen with some degree of high difficulty, and unlock power ups near the end that would allow them to potentially mid diff them if they were to fight again.
Sanji vs king had way more evidence and if you saw it you would know that.
Evidences like Sanji and King use aerial attacks,fire attacks, kicks and all? Lol.. Go and read/watch ZKK Theory which have tons of evidences

Bringing up a panel from 700 chapters ago to justify zoro going back to the roof won’t age well
Panel just shows that even Zoro knows Luffy can't do everything even though he have faith in him. At the start of roof Fight Zoro warned Luffy for his recklessness and after knowing Luffy lost to Kaido, Zoro will go to fight Kaido again and he still don't know Yamato is there. Thriller Bark also parallels Wano
Point being Zoro left Kaido to him. He threw everything he had at Kaido and it still didn’t do anything. Atleast Luffy still had yet to use his Gears and whatever else he has up his sleeves.
No. Zoro used everything he had whilst fucked up by the strongest attack shown so far. He gave kaido a permanent injury. Luffy did fuck all and got laughed at.