Questions & Mysteries What would Doflamingo's new bounty be after breaking out of Impel Down and joining Kaido's ranks?

Doffy's new bounty

  • 500 Million - 1 Billion

    Votes: 54 53.5%
  • 1 Billion - 1.5 Billion

    Votes: 44 43.6%
  • 1.5 Billion - 2 Billion

    Votes: 3 3.0%
  • 2 Billion - 2.5 Billion

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 2.5 Billion - 3 Billion

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Because he beat Doflamingo with the help of Law. In fact, Doflamingo's defeat was portrayed as a combined effort of Luffy and Law, to a point the marines gave them an equal bounty of 500 million (means 1 billion in total).

On the other hand, Luffy's hype in WCI was inflated. Not only was he said to single handedly defeat 2 commanders, but being the brain behind the WCI invasion and the assassination plan of Big Mom.
If anything its the opposite. It understated how bad Big Mom lost. Luffy got the road ponegliff so
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His bounty was 340mio with 31...
He lose all his role as underworld broker, he lose his homehouse. He would have at best something around 600-750mio At best.
Wait. Big Mom had a larger bounty as a little girl?
Lmao what are those bait options in the poll? He would get maybe an up of some hundred millions at best, not close or even above 1B, 6-7-8 hundred millions at best. Maybe he could get Sanji/Robin treatment and get an increase cause he knows too much. Also I don't see him escape Impel down on his own, if that happens it will be because somebody frees him or he is let out by the WG. Also by the time this could happen the beast pirates could have disbanded or reduced to a minor crew and at that point the WG would give Doffy almost no attention (by EoS you will have monsters roaming the seas and threatening the very existence of the WG, speaking about eos BB and eos Luffy, so Doffy coming around again will barely be registered).
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Probably 1.34 billion, a billion above his frozen bounty. Seems like what Oda would do. He’s strong, he’s got connections, the World Gov seems to be shitting themselves over what he could tell about them.
At least a billion.
As strong as the strongest YCs and way more bothering for the WG.
1 billion is being very low Ball since he knows secrets even the Yonko don't know about (bar the snitch probably)
Wouldn't be surprised if he gets 2 or 2.5 billions
Considering that beating Doffy didn't elevate Luffy to "5th Emperor" bullshit then. I think they would treat him as broken down villain with nothing to work on, since he lost all he had.

If his breakout is something crazy he should get a raise to 700 at least.
Around 900m i think. Although i see him defeating guys like jack, he is not as ruthless as the beast pirates. Being a good business man doesnt necessarily give a 1b+ bounty. I also have Doffy as slightly weaker than Dogtooth so 900m is fine.
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So why did Luffy and Laws bounty only shoot up to 500m
But it was a tag team. Luffy and law both got a 500m bounty which hypothetically means that if luffy had soloed doffy his bounty would be at least 700m. Its like when teach killed whitebeard. The bounty he got was 2b or less. Thats bc he didnt kill him by himself.
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Well he'd be above King as far as the hierarchy of the crew/strength.

People act like the entire country didnt have to take part in Luffy's battle with Doffy PLUS ORGAN DAMAGE otherwise Luffy would have died. Well Sabo and Fuji could have stepped in but ya'll get me. Meanwhile Zoro's about to solo King lol I just dont see that much being needed for Zoro to put down King. (His Epithet as Joker more proof positive to where he'd rank but I digress)

So were talking YC1+ Strength, Conquerors haki, awakened DF, hax string fruit, haki mastery
Coupled with underworld brokerage, knowledge of the holylands national treasure, his bump for escaping impel down, having a marine infromant for 15+ years (No one mentions this no telling how many secrets he has from Vergo), weapons manufacturing and supply to various kingdoms, having the Mera Mera no Mi (and unintentionally having the number 2 of Revolutionaries eat it lol), wiping the memories/existence of thousands of citizens, marine officers, spys, people, enslaving those same people, dominating Dressrosa via blackmail, Flying from Marygeios, suplying a Yonko with smile fruits, then outright joining said Yonko in this hypothetical etc.

Doflamingo laundry list of crimes is wild. He literally is a wild card for the WG hence his moniker

I'd say 2 Billion but thats me
What makes Doffy a threat is his knowledge and connections to the yonko especially. His strength is comparable to some YCs. So I might say anywhere from 1B to 1.3B. I definitely see Kata who may be “lower” than him in bounty still much stronger so it’s all about his evil mind.
Given all the shit that doflamingo has done, his general status and threat level, his unfrozen warlord bounty should have easily been near a billion, if not even a bit over that but I’m gonna give him 950 million as a middle ground. After breaking out of impel down, that should easily be another 100 million on top and the fact that he has potentially game changing information to continue to blackmail the WG with, that should be at least another 100 million as well, if not more. 1.25 Billion sounds about right to me.