Break Week What would happen if BB try to stop the WGS Strike?

What would happen if BB try to stop the WGS Strike?

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World's Great Strongest Strike
Hold on here, little knife.
It says "World's strongest strike". Not the "World's great strongest strike".
People might consider this the greatest strike of the world but for Gigahawk it was just a casual strike filled with boredom instead of haki.

BB vs a direct and serious full on slash from Gigahawk? I feel like he cuts through 73 Blackbeards in a row.
It would turn out Blackbeard captured Vista during the payback war, he orders his crew to release him from his cage and Mihawk runs away.
Is teach only blocking? If so might take marginal damage. Attack featless, even physically stopping by a high tier.

if he’s allowed to attack back…. He completely overpowers the attack potential killing midhawk in the process (No Gura lvl endurance feats)!!
And then you wake up from your dream.
Because midhawk featless slash, that a damn high tier stops!!!! Definitely has the portrayal to compete with the Gura lmao.

Mods should restrict ZTards to the fan-fiction section of the forum at this point.
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Jozu overpowered the slash, not just blocked it.
high tier physical strength > Gura users

to moronic Zfans smh. Teach if allowed to counterattack, he’d overpower anything In mihawk arsenal period. Wat lvl damage midhawk would sustain the only real convo.