Manga Discussion What's the GOAT manga?

What's the GOAT manga?

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For me it's Berserk. And I doubt that'll change.
Though I'm close to halfway through Vagabond currently and it's phenomenal.

Tokyo Ghoul+Tokyo Ghoul;re and Monster are the my runner ups. Also honorable mention to AOT

Adam ๐ŸŽ

Pretty Boy
ฮ™n what way is Vinland better than Berserk?
To me personally Berserk goes too hard on while grimdark aspect where everything is shit, there is no hope, misery all around. Stories like that have a certain drug to them that brings people in bcs of shock value. There are very rare instances of actual good things in Berserk bcs those things rarely bring as much shock as grimdark stuff. And if there is something positive it is almost always followed by something grimdark again

Vinland on other hand has grim stuff too but it also has plenty of hope and overall good people in the world. Even biggest murderer in the story has humanity to him and isn't just absolute evil character - which are boring to begin with -

Likewise i find Thorfinn better character than Guts, they both suffered immensely but unlike Guts Thorfinn isn't a mindless killing machine

Griffin is also boring to me, another character drawn by absolute power yada yada, would be much better if the moment Griffin got the power he turned on all other demons

Berserk is good, but it has his problems