What's the worst thing you've seen on the internet ?



Am I the only one who hasn’t seen 2 girls 1 cup? :whitepress:
Nope didn't watch it either.
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Yes it really was it just horrible. You know that tragedy, don't you? Madura try to claim Dayak's land little by little and kept inviting their people to Sampit. What triggered Dayak was there was some of them getting killed by this guest. Then war began and Dayak declared that there wouldn't be Madura left in their Island or something like that, then the slaughter...
In what country did this happen?
Can't think of anything. I tend to blank out awful stuff from my memory.
Yeah that's very humanlike.

I haven't studied psychology but I came aware of this long long ago.

We tend to "remove" memories that hurt us as a form of protection. We may still bring them back if they are triggered in some way, which means we obviously do not lose them entirely but are capable of bringing them back.
Well not visually seen. Because I tend to block those out. But just the way people treat others on chat apps etc.
It's horrible how much a person online can use another for their own benefit and then when you want to meet them.
They are either nothing like what they say they are or just bar you completely and you never hear from them ever again.

Sad... I am kind of gullible to believe these types too. Which is why I stopped most of my social media and date apps full stop.
Discord... Some dude got cut to pieces with his organs, tissues, and spine showing, and some girl using his dead body as an inspiration to draw some goofy art.


And another one was some local news of a 14-15 year old who got raped and killed, and the killer scraped all of her facial skin and tissues off until her skull was exposed so that she would not be identified by police, yet she got identified anyway..... but the sickening thing was people were making memes out of it...

I mean, for fuck sake, a girl was raped, killed, and mutilated that day, and you sick little fucks had the nerve to make fun of her dead body and do shit like this? Go fuck yourselves, you disrespectful bag of shitheads...