Future Events What's your future expectations for Blackbeard?

What's your expectations for Blackbeard?

  • Gura + Darkness + CoA

  • Gura + Darkness + AdCoA

  • Gura + Darkness + AdCoA + AdCoC

  • Other

  • Undecided / Not sure

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3df's + decent haki
He will have coc but not sure he would be able to coat his attacks with it (Adv version of coc is above just coating your attacks with coc imo and Blackbeard won't reach the top of coc but the thing Kaido and Bigmom are doing is not impossible )
Vivre card states BB has CoA Haki even before the time skip.

Haki: Observation (CoO) and Armament (CoA)
--- One Piece Databook Vivre Card

So the next time we see Blackbeard fighting, what are you expecting to see?

The certain one: Gura (Quake) + Darkness (Yami) + CoA Haki.

  • Gura (Quake) is one of the most destructive DF abilities.
  • Darkness (Yami) neutralizes any DF ability; logia, paramecia or zoan. Gravitation of the darkness can crush any object; armies, towns etc, it doesn't matter. Even light can't escape from it. BB states its ''an offensive ability that can never be defended against!''.
Explained in this post:
  • CoA Haki is a very important power in the new world.

Expectation 1: Gura + Darkness + AdCoA.

Expectation 2: Gura + Darkness + AdCoA + AdCoC.
BB will get the Strongest Zoan as well, Kaido DF.
I think he won't develop any haki, he'll focused too much on his fruits and maybe even achieving a new one.
He'll have decent haki though, not relying on gomu gomu and using haki will be Luffy's way to win against Blackbeard.
I don’t see him having any form of CoC. Him crying like a bitch begging for his life at Marineford isn’t the quality of a king.
1- He multiple times showed that he does crazy things that most people are scared to do; such as killing WB's son Thatch (he knew that WB would avenge his son), throwing off his Shichibukai title in front of the Marines and infiltrated Impel Down before that, tried to eat a second DF despite the risk of dying etc etc. He showed the will to dominate and conquer. He was clearly trying to deceive WB again due to ''acting like his son'' before, but WB didn't fall for BB's trick twice, still BB's will was strong enough to resist WB's attack, he then shoot WB to death, and killed him.

2- Oda also doesn't care about that, they never said people can have CoC based on that. It's related to overpowering the opponent's will. An Emperor clearly has that, if even the underlings of an Emperor has it. (Such as Oden, Ace, Katakuri, Rayleigh etc etc)

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