Questions & Mysteries When there is a Sun god, we will have a moon god!

My two cents: The Marines created the comic about Sora as an opposing force to Nika (who they obviously didn't mention in any way) so that they could make themselves out to be the heroes. It's pretty clear that Germa wasn't always the villainous group that Judge turned them into.

And Sora is the "Warrior of the Sea". Sea=Umi=Imu. Easy. :cheers:


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I hope not

Ryuma, at least in Monsters, was essentially portrayed to be the WSSM. Even if Zoro kills kaido(after kaido has already taken damage from Luffy, the other supernova, yamato, and the scabbards), its too early for him to become the sword god.
He might become once he defeats Mihawk and eventually helps vanquishing the WG monarchy I guess.