General & Others Which arc felt more dangerous? Whole Cake Island or Wano?

Whole Cake Island actually felt dangerous at the beggining, with the Seducing Woods with Cracker being shown as an opponent able of easely dealing with G4 Luffy and Brûlée's speech about how the Supernovas failed to do anything against Big Mom, the Enraged Army beating Luffy, the Tea Party with Katakuri's badass introduction, Big Mom and her crew easely beating the Straw Hats, Firetanks and Vinsmokes. But even then there were holes in this with the second part of the fight with Cracker being botched, Luffy and Sanji meeting again too easely, the Firetanks not being suspected by Big Mom at all.

And then after the Tamatebakko explosion everything went out of the window and any sense of real threat and epicness was gone in favour of too heavy plot armor and conveniences.

So far Wano lacks real sense of danger outside of Kaido's one-shot beating of Luffy and his epic speech about the Ancient Weapons and the New Onigashima Project. The raid really lacks any sense of danger so far with it being just like the second half of WCI, sometimes even worse.

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WCI imo. Big Mom's crew were a constant threat and despite their big fails, they were heavily relevant. Apart from his Calamities, Kaido's crew just feels like a joke. Cracker and Katakuri were such intimidating foes and Katakuri was just relentless and so competent too.

The Enraged Army, Brulee and her mirror world, Big Mom's hunger rampages and her immense rampage towards the end of WCI (including the chase that went on for AGES), her homie fusion form was intense and Daifuku and Oven were such a threat at times.

I remember people jokingly or even sincerely saying Oven deserved to be a commander over his competence, which is hilariously ironic given how irrelevant Smoothie was.

It doesn't help Oda keeps making Jack constantly fail and get beaten and King not doing as much, especially compared to Katakuri too.

Orochi was a semi-decent threat at one point but that's all gone now with Kaido killing him just like that. We have 2 Yonkos in this arc and it feels less intense and dangerous than WCI somehow. It doesn't help we have Yamato now too.

If Orochi's ninjas and samurai especially were an actual threat, it would have helped. Also Denjiro not being an ally all along conveniently, but an actual antagonist.

I just feel there's so much wasted potential with Wano, the Samurai, Orochi and his forces, Beast Pirates etc. We've had BM's forces appearing since Fishman Island and making such an impressive 1st impression and being a threat through Dressrosa, (Zou if you count Capone) and WCI ofc but I've not felt the same kind of threat and danger from Kaido and Orochi's forces at all.
Between the Whole Cake Island arc and the Wano arc, which of these two arcs do you think had more threat and danger?
Definitely Wholecake island, The Strawhats and their allies got humbled so many times in that arc: Big Mom's crew was a lot more competent, even people who should be comparable to kaidos gifters and headliners were getting shit done.The situation was so serious Oda actually Killed off a character for once being Pedro.Its a far cry from the tension we used to get pre timeskip but for post timeskip standards Wholecake definitely has the most sense of danger out of all the arcs we've gotten so far. Hopefully Wano ups the tension a bit