Which WG fanbase has the most toxic members?

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Sadly it pains me to say this, but Zoro-Fans take the subject too much. They lost me when they push stupid arguments like Pica is above YCs and is Yonko lvl, Mihawk is 'Yonko lvl' and can beat Admirals, Zoro is stronger than Luffy, Zoro will solo/kill Kaido, and I haven't even gotten started on Multiverse side where they actually pushing Zoro could beat Thanos, an galactic threat in a fight :gokulaugh:.

There is being a fan and there is using your logic. It seems they rather choose to live in headcannon over the logic every time. I do know few users on that side who are reasonable at least, but some of them kinda make it hard to take their side seriously at least on this website.
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Zoro fans: Hard to find good apple among the basket of apples with rotten and good apples.
Sanji fans: 1:1 ratio of rotten and good apples.
Luffy fans: Difficult to find apples let alone being good or rotten.
Kidd fans: same as Luffy fans.
Admiral fans: Good until becomes rotten to spread admiral agenda
Yonko fans: Good until becomes rotten to spread Yonko agenda.

And you should also add Oda cock suckers and Oda dumbass critics.
Zoro fandom HANDS DOWN! You cannot have an opinion or disagree with these guys or you’re immediately blacklisted by them lol.....All zoro membs seem to be interconnected through some sort of hivemind or something.....they all share the same braincell wavelength.

I kid you not.....Till this day i have never met a single zoro fan with any logical retorts towards anything i say even when I dumb it down for them. They all just make up random shit trying to make Zoro and Mihawk seem stronger than they truly are.......No zoro fan has a personality or thought process of their own here, all just carbon clones mentioning sanji even when he has nothing to do with anything

None give af ab character development, world building or story progression unless it has Zoro in it fighting and getting 1 shotted by kamazou....smh

They also have this very sus obsession with Sanji to the point where I start questioning is the Sanji fandom the true candy bois cause y’all got some explaining to do.....
Zoro fans make up the biggest single community here, so they win by default.
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IDK why people are saying Sanji. The worst you have these days is Chrono when he goes on a rampage, but he doesn't curse or get too passive aggressive. I mean, I guess there's Moe. But Pedxi was the only really toxic Sanji fan.
Why are you participating arent you supposed to be stopping these kind of threads.
Why are you participating arent you supposed to be stopping these kind of threads.
I'm just a user :goatasure:
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Overall its the Zoro fans without question. People from every platform and forum complain about the toxicity of the zoro fanbase. We talking the Luffy, Sanji, Kidd, Law, Mingo, Yonko, Admiral and Katakuri fanbases from YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord etc.
Why are you participating, you're a mod