Which WG fanbase has the most toxic members?

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Kitetsu Wanker
You did ask me to edit it, you literally said "Sure if you edit the your off topic post in my thread?"

I then edited my post and apologized to you and assumed that was the end of it. Since then you've kept PMing me either linking me to your threads or asking me random questions about Shanks vs Mihawk and today you tagged me in 5 different threads. All I did was politely hint that I don't want to keep being tagged by you and now you're causing a scene. I don't have anything against you but I'm not your friend either. You're literally the only member who keeps tagging me or PMing me and I find it strange, I don't know you.

Random questions about Mihawk vs Shanks sound interesting. :yasu:
Damn i really should send him a signed shirt or something
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Don't let this thread get too toxic or I'll close it for a while lmfao.

Just wanna give that forewarning here now that Lee and Erkan are on the same thread.
he doesnt hate you
he probably finds you mildly annoying
you got a long way to go before erkan wants your autograph