Character Discussion Which Franky fight do you think was better? Franky vs Sasaki or Franky vs Senor Pink? Also who do you like more Sasaki or Senor Pink?

Which character do you like more?

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I like Senor more, but I like the Sasaki fight better just because this is the only choice among the 2 which I consider to be a "fight"... The Senor one, I can't consider as such since Franky "nerfed" himself to Senor's level (i.e. play along Senor's "manly" game, no Franky Shogun, no launchers, etc.)...

But I would still want to see a Franky all-out battle... The Sasaki fight is so weird, Franky's not 100% when the battle has started yet he pulled off a W in a mid-diff battle...