Speculations Which Yonko will Drake, Apoo, and Hawkins fight?

Obviously Apoo and Hawkins will switch sides eventually and join the fight against the Yonko, but which one will they go for? I’d assume Hawkins will go for BM since that’s where Killer will go in order to help his captain, and Hawkins will likely be convinced to switch sides while fighting Killer. I’m not too sure about Drake and Apoo, but I think them going for BM instead of Kaido is more likely. Luffy and Yamato might be the only ones fighting Kaido from here on out


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Maybe someone of this trio might help out Kidd and Law to attempt to have Big Mom simmer down but I would be surprised if she isn't fundamentally defeated by Luffy for all the long standing long plot portrayal. Not necessarily in this arc funnily.


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If they were going to fight a Yonko, Oda would have already made them go the rooftop to help Luffy and the others fight Kaido and Big Mom. Hawkins and Apoo at this point are going to remain as antagonists and eventually be defeated, and X Drake will probably do something else after he defeats Apoo.

Hawkins loses to killer.

Killer then fights smoothie imo.

Apoo brings out the numbers and eventually goes solo.

drake gets into the big mom conflict because he destroyed the town
I don't think Killer will fight Smoothie, in fact I don't think anyone will fight Smoothie. Drake isn't going to be involved with the Big Mom fight, Drake destroyed Amigasa Village and the town that helped Big Mom was Okobore Town.