White Zetsu Army (Naruto Shippuden) vs Edo Tensei Army (Naruto Shippuden)

Obito and kabuto go to war over control of bjuu, Kabuto summons his edo tensei army to defeat obito with obito mobilizing his zetsu army to defend himself.
Obito and kabuto cannot fight here but rather are just functioning as commanders to their army, Kabuto cannot summon madara or nagato here
Anime and video game feats are allowed

Edo army super neg diff.
Just summon 1 till wornt out fighting zetsu army. Then if zetsu army still exist, summon another 1.

The one who get summoned 1st is enough from these : Mu, Deidara, 3rd mizukage, 4th kazekage; in terms of without touching zetsu army