Character Discussion Who’s a Better Character Luffy or Goku?


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PG’s Thoughts: When I look at a character I Look at the whole package. I don’t care if your awesome in one area I care if your awesome in multiple areas.So a character having better fights won’t mean anything if all the other aspects of them are shit. Longevity is key as well (how long was this character awesome? 1 arc? 2 arcs 3 arcs? or multiple? But most important of all is EXECUTION! (How are the characters moments executed ? Did it hit? Will you remember the moment?

That being said…Goku is the better character for me personally , The Maturity , the confidence,The Dialogue!!!, The Growth, The intensity, The Humor it’s all there with Goku. Ill admit Goku & Luffy were very similar upon introduction, it was a bit more endearing with Goku since he’s a lot younger (11 or 12 years old Vs 17 Year old Luffy) Luffy was still great tho. But because Toriyama aged Goku multiple times in DBZ, you saw a gradual growth in the character. Kid Goku, Teen Goku, Adult Goku, Middle Aged Goku, etc. Something that you can’t really experience with Luffy. Idk Goku feels more relatable in a sense.

But let me know your thoughts….. who do you think is a better character?

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Didn't he make that funny face after buu absorbed gohan
I think I know what face you are talking about but if you compare that face to Luffy laughing like a dumbass while Vegapunk is bleeding to death 2 meters away from him; or Luffy saying that he's having fun with a person who murdered a few of his friends, could've potentially caused permanent harm to his allies and literally tortured and enslaved away an entire country then we have a problem.
I’m not shocked. Gokus a lot more popular than Luffy
No, just Goku is much better.

Again Luffy could be better, but he isn't.

Luffy defeated Kaido, and survive in BM arc, not because he was strong willed and smart, but only because plot armor. Do I even need to remember you how Luffy fall into trap in DressRosa when Doffy saved him?

Before timeskip Luffy was better then post time skip. But instead of evolving into better character after Ace death he became just dumb.

I will say this, 13 years Goku >>> Luffy