Break Week Who’s the better character, Guts or Luffy?

Who’s the better character?

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I binged Berserk during the fall of last year. I was very wowed with it.
My thoughts about OP being a pathetic excuse for a story about pirates were further strengthened by reading Berserk.
Guts clears Condom-Boy as a protagonist. His story and the universe it takes place in are as edgy as they need to be,he is able to drive his own story,his story has real stakes and truly dangerous situations,and Miura allowed the villains to be evil and threatening.
Meanwhile,with Condom-Boy:
-His story and the universe it takes place in are a big joke. His story spreads the dirty lie that pirates are nice people who care for the well-being of society.
-Neither he nor his supporting cast can drive their stories. Their stories are driven by plot-induced convenience and stupidity.
-As everything always goes right in his story,his story never has real stakes.
-His story never has truly dangerous situations,as it is always full of conveniences that eliminate all problems in a short time.
-All the villains in his story are forgettable,and Lolda never allows them to wreak big havoc and be successful.
It's very sad that with Berserk forever unfinished,we will never get to see characters like the God's Hand and Griffith's soldiers in action or other things Berserk's universe has to offer. In a theoretically better situation,where Miura managed to finish Berserk and we could see all these things,Berserk's universe and its characters would put OP's to shame.
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I made a thread there, you should find it and give me your two cents lmao. Also I read your Shibashou height post and I never saw the dude before unless as a silhouette, the dude is huge lmao.
Put it to you this way:

These two guys that Shibashou is standing behind:

Both of those two make Ouki look tiny:
Seeing Zboys say that Zoro is just like Guts makes me unreasonably angry lol.
Zoro pre time skip is arguably a better character than Guts. He's also head and shoulders above other One Piece characters too, it almost feels like he is written by a different author and not the one who wrote embarrassing characters like Luffy, Sanji etc or charsimaless one dimensional clowns like Shanks, Akainu etc
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Seeing Zboys say that Zoro is just like Guts makes me unreasonably angry lol.
But Guts is nothing like Zoro, the closest character to Zoro feels like Kenpachi. Kenpachi is basically Zoro without charsima, and without character dimensions.

Post Time Skip Zoro is basically Kenpachi.
Anyone voting Luffy simply hasn't watched or read Berserk - they're pretenders. Berserk is near enough peak fiction ffs - every character that matters has been written so extremely well that One Piece characters don't really compare.
Who brought Zoro and Kingdom into the discussion?

Also Luffy is the better character imo. Guts is so overrated, the side characters are what kept me reading Berserk.