Versus Battle Who are the top 3 most badass among BiG 3

The badass ones are?

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Which characters will make your top 3 of most badass characters among Big 3 shonen?

Sasuke? Aizen? Kenpachi? Kaido?

@Light D Lamperouge @Dark Admiral @DarkWitch @Bango๐Ÿ… @Adam ๐ŸŽ @Jaje Na Oko @Rhea Venenosa @Akai2 @Nel-Zel fiasco @ReggieZoldyck21 @FreezyBreeze @Kiwipom @Kagurashii @TheKnightOfTheSea @Yere93 @Yoru @Jorden625 @JazzMazz @Hiragaro @kom5 @Roo @WesMidnight @Ice devil slayer @Doggo @Xlaw @IceWitch @Monkey D Theories @Kucing Pencuri @Camie @Trafalgar_D_Law @ivaannom @gamaran @Seth @mugiwalaw @ShadyOjiro @GrandmasterChef Zonji @Lukegranders @Lizzy @Luffy is the mc @LuffyMazino @Flowa @DoctorIndigo @Yo Tan Wa @centurion @Date @PenguinKing @Law @Skipper017 @Tyki_Mikk @Marimo_420 @Leo D. Caprio @RobertoTheOharaSurvivor @Ravagerblade @Orojackson Refugee @sorukingu @SDfear @MonsterKaido @God_Aizen @Baba @Ishin @NikaInParis @Echizen_Jo_Ndule @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
@Owl Ki @MarineHQ62 @Blackbeard @Rumble @Da evil Who @Jailer @Seth @Yo Tan Wa @Ninjashadow0209 @Monet @TheKnightOfTheSea @Dragomir @Shanks @Desolate Smaug @Phoenix @General Duke Hyuo @Great General Kanki @RayanOO @Admiral Mou Bu
@Akai2 @Luslec @AwakenedCabbage @Dark Hound @Kromage911 @yj @BangMi @Clickbait @Jodie @Marimo_420 @SinOfGreed @Constantine @L55 @Zowo @Kiwipom @Jaguark101 @ReggieZoldyck21 @Gol D. Roger @Missy @Cinera @SHIHI @Dark Admiral @GrandmasterChef Zonji @Power @Melontonin @Arara @symbiote @Jorden625 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Flowa @Juliet @Light D Lamperouge @Rivaille @Tobi @RayanOO @hedera__helix @Kvothe Kingkiller @RobertoTheOharaSurvivor @RedNight @Akaikari @Titty Croissant @Seth etc etc @Dragomir @Seth @Cray Cray @Bango๐Ÿ… @ConquistadoR @TheKnightOfTheSea @Kagutsutchi @Shanks_SZN @Akai2 @Luslec @EtenBoby @Dark Hound @Kromage911 @yj @Clickbait @Jodie @Marimo_420 @SinOfGreed @Constantine @Kiwipom @Jaguark101 @ReggieZoldyck21 @Gol D. Roger @Missy @Cinera @SHIHI @Dark Admiral @GrandmasterChef Zonji @Power @Melontonin @Arara @symbiote @Jorden625 @Flower @Juliet @Light D Lamperouge @Rivaille @Tobi @RayanOO @hedera__helix @Kvothe Kingkiller @RobertoTheOharaSurvivor @Akaikari @Seth @Dragomir @Bango๐Ÿ… @ConquistadoR @Flower @TheKnightOfTheSea @Kagutsutchi @Shanks_SZN @notAfanboy @U c 4 up da idly @Night Raid @Juliet @Tyki_Mikk @Oblivion @WesMidnight @SHIHI @Courier @Reddot4 @Yoru @Mr.9000 @Kucing Pencuri @Zoroe @U c 4 up da idly @Courier @Worst @DoctorIndigo @ZenZu @Red Admiral @AL sama @draganax @SmokedOut


With the thunderclapโ€ฆ.be gone!
Personally Iโ€™m going

Zoro-heโ€™s literally written to be a badass

Yamamoto-this man was tha looming presence for tha entire series as some fuxkin demon that no one wanted to see get even slightly angry

Pein-he was always portrayed as this divine being and superior person(pre war arc obviously) everytime he was on panel or talking. Man deadass sounded like God or sum
The goat
In a mainstream shounen you have to appreciate a character like Sakazuki. He doesn't clown around, he shows no remorse, but most importantly he donuts

Manipulate the weak minded

Top tier trashtalk

Help old men get their lit funeral

WB ship in which he sailed the seas for decades and took pride in destroyed 10 minutes after meeting Akainu.

Adv. conq magma balls (note:hands in pocket)

Doesn't joke around, sees an oppurtonity and grabs it

Oh nonono nonono

one shot the world

Fried fish to feed the wounded in battle

12 commanders doing a great job protecting their crewmate

Cheapshot by "WSM"

After the cheapshot, takes 1 second to bust the head of the legendary Whitebeard.

Facing the world's strongest crew solo and still asking why they're willing to give up their lives

Top tier yonko commanders sneak attack you "how irritating"

Kill fodder for wasting precious seconds better spent with murderering evil pirates

Beta fleet admiral wanking his enemies

Sigma Sakazuki calm and composed and ready to mentally traumatize the OP community

Eliminate scum pirates who pose a threat to civilians.

Completely shatter the Main Character's will and dream

Execute deserters to inspire discipline

Based fashion, wears marine hat to identify with his fodder underlings, wears flowers because they're a symbol of peace and love.

This man never loses
In honor of @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung