Powers & Abilities Who could breaks Zoro's Sword?

Given the massive diff between him n Top Tiers, i would say all are capable of breaking Zoro swords.

Since Zoro will face King this chapter, i wouldn't even completly put aside the possibility of King doing it. He most likely can, as long as his Haki is better.

Or maybe Oda will use his small confrontation with Kaidou Jr to hype the latter by breaking one of his swords.
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First of all in order to break Zoro's swords, in most cases you would need to use CoA which is stronger than his. Secondly, your attack would need to have enough power to break the named sword itself. I'd say plenty of top tiers could still do it if their intention was to specifically destroy the sword
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You need a stronger haki than your opponent's to break a sword, however not slightly stronger.

Mihawk might still be able to do that at full strenght and that's it. Maybe Shanks but I doubt.


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Graded swords are held in high regard for a reason. We saw the difference when Mihawk broke the two regular swords, but Wado was perfectly fine.

Doubt even top tiers can just casually break them in one attack regardless of haki (ignoring hax ofcourse), over time it's possible (we saw Zombie Ryuma attempting to break them).