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Who did it better?

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The anime has good art, BUT mediocre animation so far (I'm hoping they are holding back some of their great scenes in animation on purpose so that they do not raise your expectation so much... in order to enjoy the show when it comes out

As for the manga... it's great art too... and no animation I guess LOL... but since it's serving its own purpose in the best way possible, I will say Manga is better now... HOPING that anime will be equally as good AT LEAST

Also, something I care about more as much as stunning animation is the choice of music... I HOPE that they select great music for this show.... I don't wanna hear some techno shitty music like Parasyte or OnePunch Man... This is why I didn't care about Madhouse taking the show... cause Madhouse love using techno music lately on their battle shows...

Like imagine you have a freaking greek god vs a samurai and you put techno music... what kind of dump shit that would be LOL...

I actually care about choices of music MORE than freaking animation actually... for example,
I prefer mediocre animation with GREAT music than Great animation with poor choices of music...

Music + voice acting is what actually hypes a good fights more than anything for me...

Rob Lucci vs Luffy is STILL my favorite fight in the series ONLY for one scene, and one scene only:
Usopp: Get up, and let's all go back together Luffy!
Luffy: In huuuuge rage mode... Uattaremaidaaaaaaaaa!
Music was the MOST perfect choice you could ever have!

That scene STILL cannot be surpassed by any other scene in other fights in the show... simply for "voice actors + music"
Manga did better. This is the battle manga where story is not the core. At least they have to give us good animation for fighting scene. Instead they give us the 'meh'

Light D Lamperouge

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Still haven't watched the anime, but from what I've seen online, manga definitely did it better.