Character Discussion Who from the monster trio is more privileged?

Luffy - Descendant of Garp and Dragon, two of the most powerful characters in the entire series, he's also a D. , his family is simply ridiculous.

Zoro - Descendant of Ryuma, one of the strongest of all time who has such strong genetics that his descendants are basicaly copies of him.

Sanji - Judge had to work his ass in order to improve his children without any type of mystical power or "one in a billion" gift.

IMO Sanji is the true prodigy, fruit of pure hard work and knowledge.
Zoro 2 magical swords by Kozaburo Shimotsuki bloodline is really the gifted one. I don't even need to talk about Luffy.
Sanji who came from normal human Judges bloodline is the real genious here cause as it is mentioned before his heat resistance only awakened in enies loby but his body was still normal human. A human who rise to the lvl of legends with just hard work Sanji.
wait a min you dont think mihawk ben and rayleigh worked hard to where they are?

Mihawk is said to fought so much until no one is worthy of fighting him
Everyone trains, but doesn't mean training is the main factor of their abnormal and exceptional strength.