Speculations Who is coming to Egghead?

Who is coming to Egghead?

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@DarkWitch Make a poll bro.

-Grand Fleet
-Cross Guild
-Any other

I personally think it is BBPs
Cant be the Revs, present time has them still at Momoiro, you can scratch them out

And I doubt its the Grand Fleet, because the news about Luffy's siege only got out less than a day prior, so for them to group up and get here this quick makes less sense. Its also not like they helped Luffy during Wano, so why now?
In the latest chapter 1105, an unknown party attacked the Marine Ship that went after the escaping vessel and now this unknown party is going to Egghead.

So who do you think is the unknown party?
Buggy is a coward,forget about Crossguild. BBP don't work like this,they usually wait the right moment to strike. Why would Saul be here? Grand Fleet is too scattered to make it in time. Dragon is the only option that makes sense. We have a Gorosei and Vegapunk at stake. He has a lot to lose and a lot to win here. Oda not introducing Dragon right now would be retarded writting.
It's the Grand Fleet, this is a Straw Hat's battle and they need to win it on their own, without any major third party.
Shhhhh there are some people over here who will put you on ignore because you are saying that One Piece is a story about Luffy and that Egghead is Luffy's incident!!! You will butthurt them!!!! /s

Anyway, SHGF, Dragon or Blackbeard Pirates.
- SHGF: it's "they", they were said to do a "incident with historic consequences" in Dressrosa -> problem is they are split
- Dragon: he knows where Kuma went, he may be the man marked by flames -> problem is that it's "they" and revs can't reach Egghead that quickly with a ship
- Blackbeard Pirates: it's "they", we already spotted them -> editor says somebody else though