Speculations Who is coming to Egghead?

Who is coming to Egghead?

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The Ships send out of egghead werent far away, also the world government is targeting strawhats meaning they are already at war with the strawhats grand fleet by proxy. Its 3000% the grand fleet since we already know that dragon is moving so its pointless for oda to show him again.


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Initially, I felt BBP. Makes sense as well but thing is BBP won't save citizens...they would have sank both ships.

Also, you already have BBP ship at egghead and I don't see BB himself making a move just after beating Law.

So, it might really be RA because narratively and plot wise they are involved in the plot so them making an appearance to help Kuma makes more sense.

I mean throughout kuma"s backstory, RA were portrayed as helpless and doing nothing. I think this might be their chance to help Kuma and Bonney
Shanks is going after Barto
So it cannot be them
Plus Luffy didn't call Grand Fleet for help or anything

BBP & Revos makes most sense
Neo Mads or Cross Guild will be wild

Imagine Yamato & Momonosuke, they are close after all or Carrot & Zunisha

Honestly, I'm hoping for Dragon because this year is the year of the Dragon.
But it's probably not? I mean the man brings a storm every time he makes landfall but I don't think there was any. Maybe shitty quality scans?

I wouldn't mind if it was someone new and powerful. Hinokizu would be a good candidate. I honestly hope he isn't a character we already know. Just don't let it be another Joker - Doffy thing again...
Kuma went from Kamabakka to Marineford and the to Egghead. This couldn't have happened in 1 min because he climbed the wall, fought Akainu then came to egghead. So the Dragon and RA thing isn't happening simultaneously.
Iirc this arc had a day skip. The timeline is confusing and many could think that it is happening simultaneously but I have a big doubt.
Dragon has talked to Shaka, shown in Vegapank's and Kuma's flashback. Has a big connection to everyone involved, so Dragon and the Revs could be the ones for one big reason that showing dragon in all these flashbacks and not having anything to do with egghead is not compatible.