Speculations Who is coming to Egghead?

Who is coming to Egghead?

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The SHGF doesn’t really need much explanation.

They have Luffy‘s Vivre Card, so they can find him.

They can literally have just decided to sail to meet Luffy because they saw he became a Yonko. Yeah, convenient that the seven of them show up at the exact time needed, but Oda’s never let a bit of plot convenience get in the way of something he wants to show.

And to make it a bit better it can tie in to other stuff, like Barty is coming because of something with Shanks, Hajrudin for Elbaf, Sai and Leo on the run because of Mariejois.

Could even be a bit of setup for Luffy vs Shanks. Maybe Shanks has beaten Barty and the others are all coming to find Luffy to tell him. By pirate rules, Shanks is entitled to beat up Barty, and Luffy then has to fight Shanks fir his subordinate. It’s a good way for both to fight while both also being “in the right”, as it were.
Even setting aside Barto possibly already defeated by Shanks, can't see the Grand Fleet getting that strong of a reaction.

Blackbeard pirates is possible, if disappointing, since in verse they haven't been discovered yet.

Revolutionary army is also likely, but they are too far away, and should have bigger non Marine targets. Though Saturn might be a big enough prize.

Giants as far as we know have no reason to help them out. Maybe Saul, but so far he seems content laying low, even moreso if he is indeed the burned man.
Probably Dragon. They're related to both and they could guess that's where Kuma was going.

I Hope it's Grand Fleet tbh. They saw Luffy's VC dissapearing on Wano but when they got therez VC was already gone and they learned where Luffy went. Maaaaaybe they have Yamato on board

Blackbeard was just doing something so no.
Saul and Gigants have no idea something is happening, right?
Cross Guild Has no business there.
Rev armies shouldn't be near Egghead...
They stay at Ivankov island iirc ( other side of Grandline).
Kuma who can quickly teleport from far location even spend lots of time coming this way and also face several obstacles like crossing Red line etc.
Unless it's Dragon power that he can quickly come here at an instant....
It's logically impossible to be Rev

Possible......but why would it be hyped like this?? Majority of them are fodders in this lvl of chaos.
It maybe hype for readers only, but the atmosphere of the situation and the way the Marines report it to Kizaru, it sounds like a huge deal/top lvl forces....

BBP is the most obvious choice and there's already a hint way back to the beginning of the events.
By logic it's them, If not......
By plot, ignoring the first paragraph, it's supposed to be RA considering how Dragon has lots of screentime during Kuma FB without doing anything worth, and this maybe his actual involvement doing something worth for specifically Kuma + Oda talking about 2024 being year of Dragon.......


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I just thought of a possible faction many might not have considered

The remnants of the big mom pirates that where on Wano

We didn't see where they went at all after Marco kicked them off the water fall and the fact perospero nor big mom came down from Wano and then they got the news big mom was killed/defeated on wano they'd likely be out for blood maybe the followed one of the 3 captains and tracked the strawhats to egghead