Speculations Who is the 9th shadow now?

Who will be behind shadow #9?

  • Koushiro. Flashback Denjiro gave this Shimotsuki man the Wado Ichimonji?

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Toki may not have the power to see into the future, but I'm sure everyone believes her vague prediction here will be on the mark anyway.

With Kanjuro's betrayal, we're left with only 8 shadow for the 8 Scabbards. There are multiple ways to still make it 9 which don't include Kanjuro.

Heck, maybe the 9 shadows aren't even Samurai at all and another group steps up. There's been a lot of talk about Joyboy crossing through time and such.

Who do you think it will be?

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Izo and @Chrono ’s nipple are both great suggestions, I can kinda see either one making sense. Shinobu has been on the fringe this entire time, so bringing her to the forefront would also be defensible.

That being said, what if it’s Momo? He’s slated to become shogun, sure, but he’s still just a frightened kid with a lot to prove; standing up to the tyrannical monsters who murdered his father and destroyed his entire life is a monumental first step towards getting there. The Udon prisoners recognized him as their guiding light, and Luffy already believes he’s experienced enough to be treated as an adult...would he have much of an impact in the raid? Of course not. That doesn’t mean he can’t contribute SOMETHING in his current state, or find some deeply buried confidence and lead the forces in his father’s name.