Who is the best troll account?

best full time troll account of this forum?

  • minamoto

  • Don Le Fishe

  • monster zoro

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I can easily understand minamoto despite their misspellings and slang like dialect. Their sentences are actually grammatically correct and the syntax makes sense. Even the misspellings can be corrected in my mind when I read them. Also minamoto interacts with me so it's good!
@Le Fishe D. Crydo
@Wris @Natalija @RayanOO @Marimo_420 @Finalbeta @Owl Ki @Flower @MangoSenpai @Queen @solis
@Seth @Blother @TheAncientCenturion @Tobi @BleakAsh @Lindltaylor @Prince Kronos @Akai2 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Dragomir @KiriNigiri @Guan Yu @SmokedOut @Dark Admiral
@Jew D. Boy @Steven @Oblivion @GrandmasterChef Zonji
@Go D. Usopp β„’ @ZenZu @Jaguark101 @Luffy is the mc @Inflamed Haki @imacub @Lone Laguna Espada @mly90 @Koinboin @SHIHI @Kromage911 @hedera__helix @Reborn @BangoπŸ… @SinOfGreed @Missy @Den_Den_Mushi @AL sama @I'mTired @Gol D. Roger @Fruitji @Udell @Rivaille @Nana @Silver @Kiwipom @Horo Horo Musume @NotTommy @Usopp Haoshoku Haki @KINGKONGGUN15 @Light D Lamperouge @Veku @Gari @Bounty @TheKnightOfTheSea @Zoro D Goat @Melontonin @Horo Horo Musume
@Benn beck
@Celestial D. Dragon
@Dark Hound
@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
@Garp the Fist
@Gensui Sazid
@Go D. Trussop
@God Ward
@Gol D. Roger
@Hanzo hattori
@Ice devil slayer
@Ichiro Miyata
@Jew D. Boy
@King of the world
@Light D Lamperouge
@Luffy is the mc
@Master OF Haki
@Midnight Delight
@Monkey D Theories
@Prince Kronos
@Robin swan
@Sakura no Hiluluk
@Screws Loose242
@Stack Bundles Chinx
@Starbound Beast D. Draig
@Topi Jerami
@True God Moe
@Usopp Haoshoku Haki
@worst pirate
@Yo Tan Wa
@Yoshioka Seijuro
@Zoro D Goat