Questions & Mysteries Who is the moon to Luffy's sun.

Who is the moon to Luffy's Sun

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Oda's accuser
I think teech is supposed to be more like a black hole that has that same kinda pull just a darker and more destructive way
That would still fit the definition I guess although Luffy is not exactly a White Hole which are merely speculated to exist in Astrophysics.

But the whole point would just be about darkness which is well embodied by Teach.
One piece might not necessarily go down Naruto's path. But Luffy has been associated with sun, dawn, his symbolic flower being a sunflower etc. The recent chapters tell it is a possibility that Luffy might be related to Sun God Nika. In theory who do you think is most suited to be Luffy's moon parallel and why.
I think we can search for hints in the Wano eyecatchers for the anime