Character Discussion Who is Zoro's Final Opponent that would make sense for the manga?

shanks because people debate about it because of haki mastery and using a sword.

gandhi because he is a gorosei and probably a ascended mythical zoan swordsman user and from the looks of it Gorosei might be stronger than admirals.

mihawk because of being self proclaimed worlds strongest swordsman but Gorosei dont want to be known publically and of course Shanks makes people question his title.

-shiryu because of manga direction plot reasons. Luffy has strongest zoan, BB has strongest logia and supposedly paramecia as marines stated him using the quake fruit had a more destructive force than WB and giving shanks a scar and killing a 4th rank commander without DFs suggest he might have hidden strength. Usopp in disbelief about the birds getting shot down from Auger...So it might go without saying that Shiryu might get jozus fruit and he might be skilled enough to do underhand tactics for example to kill mihawk because Garp was unaware of his presence.

gandhi or shiryu because I am still undecided if blackbeards crew or WG will be the strawhats final opponents. mihawk because of swordsman title or shanks because he might be the true greatest swordsman. reason i started this is because i like other peoples opinions.
Pre-TS Fights ---> Hatchan (Sea) -- Mr. 1 (Land) -- Ohm (Sky) -- Kaku (All Three) -- Zombie Ryuma (Mini-WSS Duel)
Post-TS Fights:

Zoro Clashes with Great White Shark (Hody) ---> Main Fight against Hyouzou (Sea)
Zoro Clashes with Tiger (Fujitora) ---> Main Fight against Pica (Land)
Zoro Clashes with Dragon (Kaidou) ---> Main Fight against King (Sky)
Zoro is gonna Clash with Devil (Either Man With Burn Scar or Imu or Blackbeard) ---> Main Fight against ??? (Hell)
  • It's gonna be a Henchman of Man With Burn Scar, so not an Admiral or Gorosei or Shiryu
Zoro is gonna Clash with Sea God (Final Villain) ---> Main Fight against Mihawk (Heaven)
Just think about it and you will find the answer:

That is true that Mihawk is world proiclaimed WSS, but like WSC and WSM this title is fake. From other hand Venus is probably 1000 years old swordman, who is stongest swordman in history, not just in one era lika Mihawk. Zoro will defeat Mihawk but his final opponent is Venus and there is no evidence that Zoro will defeate him. Venus could stay undefeateble or Zoro can die in battle against Venus, but taking Venus with him into Hell.