General & Others Who still thinks Zoro surpasses Oden this arc ?

Would Zoro defeat Oden in 1 vs 1 combat at the end of Wano ?

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depends on where you scale oden
since I think he is top tier
after shiryu
he will be on that level.

people have oden lower than I do tho
but pls remember
oden is one of the ceilings for luffy .
surpassing him is no small feat....
We could try to scale him based off his AP dispayed against Kaido which felt possibly comparable to Hiryuu Kaen and probably either his best AP output (Oden's I mean) or close, it's more probable that Zoro is overall substantially superior AP wise expecially if he can come up with Asura.

Can't say too much of the other stats.

If this is the case I think that Roger would have still defeated Prime Oden easily.
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I would say they are both enduring beasts also, but not that indicative as per itself. Just like the other stats such as combat speed (movement+attack), reaction speed, durability etc.

Versatility also to Zoro I would say. And better defensive output if his AP was superior.
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idk, ig i gave my opinion and it might have changed from back then, bht i believe no.. zoro has done ample already on the roof and that was his ideal time to surpass his limits i doubt even fighting king can bring his potential with enma out.. perhaps after Elbaf or after that but stm no