General & Others Who still thinks Zoro surpasses Oden this arc ?

Would Zoro defeat Oden in 1 vs 1 combat at the end of Wano ?

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I still do.

He'll surpass Oden after he blackens Enma:

As of Chapter 1033, Zoro has already taken a step into Oden's level:

I am starting to believe Zoro will be on Oden's level after Wano, he will be a solid top tier. It makes sense from timeline perspective, One Piece is supposed to end within 5 years, so Zoro might not get more than 1/2 fights after this.


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I cant agree to that, we have all of Oden's feats and stats Zoro beats him at everything except physical strength and endurance, he loses to Zoro in everything, for me Zoro now mastering advCoC to a higher level than Oden did is proof he is stronger
Zoro is not stronger than Oden:
So because of an anime filler, we are supposed to forget =>

- Oden is the only character other than Roger and Luffy to have both CoC and VOAT

- Child Oden received comparable portrayal to child Big Mom, a natural born destroyer =>

- Was said to be invincible just like Kaido

- Fought Kaido with disadvantage in numbers and distraction, and fucked him up. Gave Kaido is only wound ever, remember that this Kaido fought literally against all the strongest pirates in the verse and got captured by the WG.

Most importantly, he has been constantly grouped with the strongest people in the verse.
- Gets compared to Roger and Whitebeard as mighty pirate by Kaido himself

- Gets compared to Whitebeard's old crewmates, that means the likes of Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki, Xebec

- Gets compared to Roger, Whitebeard, Xebec and Shanks again

Oda's love and respect for this character has reached to such a ridiculous level that we got panels like this =>

This guy is an all time legit top tier. Can the same be said about Scopper Gaban?
Zoro literally said that the reason he didn't fully Tame Enma was because he didn't release all of his Haki
Yeah and he said if he would do it he could die because of that. He also said Oden could use Enma that easily despite having so much Haki sucked out.
Oden uses Enma easily > Zoro has a risk to die from that.

Not only that, but when he gave Kaido a Permanant Scar, he did it while being massively injured & tired & that was simply all that's left of him
Do we really have to do that again?
Characters have their highest power output often when they are the most injured. We saw that many many times now. With Zoro, with Luffy, with WB who could barely stand but went all out once he saw Ace being killed to the point where he even ignored part of his head being blown off, with Hajrudin who was losing a clash against Machvise and only overpowered him AFTER his whole right side was broken to pieces.
That Zoro was injured was a non factor there. Will/anger etc. can make you ignore injuries for a small amount of time.

It's just Zorofans coping and trying to make Zoro "nerft" and what not cuz their headcanon is exactly this👇
A Full Haki Fresh Asura from Zoro would cut even the Manga Panel in half, not just Kaido


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Does blackening Enma automatically mean surpassing Oden? :bamathink:

See Hitetsu's words:

And then Zoro's own epiphany:

Zoro has already taken his first step into Oden's class by meeting Enma's challenge head on. When he exceeds Oden's mastery of Enma, he'll be above him.
:seriously:unless you believe Zoro is already on same pedestal as Rocks pirates, Shanks and Roger

Zoro isn't even near Luffy but yeah "he's near or equal to Oden, he will surpass him this arc if he gets black blade "