Break Week Who takes down Queen?



since Kidd is trashing Apoo so I guess he will start attack Luffy and Zoro
Or he will attack Kidd when he sees how bad Apoo is getting mauled.

So the question is :
Who will be the one to defeat Queen?
Will Oda make Luffy trash Queen as hypetool to showcase AdcoA impact or will Kidd be the one to end Queen?

One way or another, Queen's fate was already sealed, he will be replaced by someone else. Alliance may lose in Onigashima in Act 3 but Queen and some beast pirates will fall too in this act.
Naturally following oda's pattern, it should be sanji. But i always have thought that sanji isnt ready yet to take down YC, so i think it would be kidd as maybe he has more grudges for queen for torturing him and his best friend (killer). After kidd take down queen on 1st round, maybe a few minutes later, queen would recover again just like the jailer beast in impel down. So it's the perfect time for sanji to finally beat a YC with queen already weakened.
Any supernova fighting Queens means he won't be available vs Kaido. These guys (apart from Luffy) are already below Queen to begin with so we are talking about an extra extreme diff fight that will put whoever wins out of commission for sometime. Personally I don't think anyone will defeat Queen in the current narrative. More like the current skirmish will explode into the full fledged war that is the climax of the arc. Arc 3 should already be ending since a huge part of it was Odens flashback.
I think the allaince needs to win before big Mom's kids arrive at onigashima. Otherwise they could be screwed.


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Kidd and Luffy will have his punches done on Queen but the one to take him down is non-other than Sanji and if it's not happening then screw Mr. Oda I'm sorry.


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It depends. It might be Kidd or even Luffy. It could be Sanji too.
Well Luffy has got better business to deal with and Sanji is too weak

Kidd is the perfect match up, they should have similar power levels
i think it must be one of the F6 tho... if he's just about to be trashed by SH, what was the point of oda drawing queen saying that he will take on one of the F6 then?
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Who's Who will take Queen down if the challenge between F6 and Lead Performers happens.
Later, during the war, it could be Kidd or Sanjino.
i hope who's who will trash queen LOL