Character Discussion Who was the better villain: Crocodile or Doflamingo

Who is then better Villian?

  • Sir Crocodile (Mr 0)

    Votes: 12 63.2%
  • Doflamingo (Joker)

    Votes: 7 36.8%

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I think a lot of us can unanimously agree that Crocodile and Doflamingo are the gold standard when it comes to atagonists in this series

Let’s talk about their similarities
. They both had plans to take over a country
. They were both a part of the OG schibukai
. They both were the final antagonist in a saga
. They both got taken out by Luffy and the kingdom was saved.

Now let’s talk about their differences and make a case for each of them.

The case for Crocodile

Mr 0 (Sir Crocodile) was really the first major antagonist Luffy had to deal with. You know when people say it takes a while for one piece to reach greatness? Well this is what they are referring to, it all starts in the alabasta arc. Croc was the first big shot pirate the straw hats ran into and back then when most of the villains came of ass goofy, Crocodile forced you to take him seriously. He was the first true menacing threat in the series where fans did not know if Luffy could defeat him. He was the first character Luffy had to surpass and improve upon in order to sniff victory. Still to this day he is one of the only people who was able to defeat Luffy not once but twice. He is probably one of the most cunning and intelligent characters in the entire series and was a true mastermind. He was cunning enough to influence a bunch of bounty hunters to do the dirty work for him behind the scenes all while remaining anonymous as Mr. 0 and being seen as a hero to the people of Alabasta. In the end his plan to take over Alabasta was almost perfect and he had back up plans for almost any event but his one miscalculation that came back to haunt him was letting Mr Prince walk away. Croc truly set the bar for One Piece villains as a character with expectational goals and willpower to achieve said goals.

Now let’s make the case for Doffy

Doffy right away benefits from a few things that Croc never had the chance for. For one since he appeared deeper into the story he had an amazing flashback that really developed his character and really suited him well. It also gave the viewers an understanding of why he’s doing what he’s doing. This man killed his family and absolutely had no remorse while doing so. If you want proof that this man doesn’t have a shred of good on his heart, he had his bird cage up and was willing to massacre the entirety of Dressorosa. There’s no doubt Doffys back story was huge in building up his character and villainous acts. Doffy is also the most infamous underground broker in the one piece verse and even deals with people such as Yonko Kaido. In the end his goal was to just see the world burn which is truly terrifying and exemplifies how great of a villain he is.

The Bottom Line

Now of course great cases can be made for both and there’s not really a wrong answer. But for my take…. I’m going to have to go with Sir Crocodile. Both Croc and Doffy are extremely charismatic and intelligent but I’m going to give Croc the edge. The main reason for this is Crocodile did more with the opportunity he had. He came extremely close to conquering an entire Kingdom, and also defeated Luffy twice. When it came to Croc viewers had no idea how Luffy would defeat him which forced Luffy to have to improve and get a little lucky. Where as with Doflamingo this wasn’t the case, Luffy had Gear fourth in his back pocket so he was always able to match up with Doffy. Another reason I believe Croc is the better villain is because his fearlessness and lone wolf status. Croc would never work for and/or trust or bow down to anyone. His goals are always boss oriented and he refuses to kneel to anyone. This is evident when he turned down doffys offer to work with him. Also when it comes to fearlessness Crocodile clashed with mihawk, attacked Akainu, and even tried to attack and kill Yonko Whitebeard. When it comes to doffy he was extremely scared of the thought of Kaido getting angry with him and didn’t want to engage Aokiji in battle.

At the end of the day you can’t go wrong with either villain. Who do you think is the better Villain Sir Crocodile or Doflamingo?


One Piece was originally supposed to be a story to fight yonko not Shichibukai. Oda himself stated that he introduced crocodile too early in the series and was probably due to the fact that he had no clue the series would go on for as long as it has