Who was the moderator that put ''zoro mid-diffs'' option in my thread?

Should I reveal myself?

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Since it's not revealed yet. Talking about this thread;


I know it wasn't @Natalija and @RayanOO since they already see the thread and replied.

I asked Natalija that who put that, they said they can't see who did it, I believe admins (@Bogard @Pantheos) can see it but it looks like they can't?

There are also previous troll tags (take a shower etc.) in my other threads, we also don't know which moderator is putting it. I don't think its funny, and if you think its funny, then I think you should at least reveal yourself so we can laugh it together. Don't do it by hiding yourself.

I think this is not only a problem related to this thread, if we don't see who is putting it, imagine; someone putting an inappropriate option in your poll, so you've no idea who put it, then someone can see that and they can say that the guy who made the thread put it, then you can take the blame for something you never did because of that.

So I am politely asking to reveal yourself please, thank you.

@AL sama @Dragomir @Garp the Fist @Gol D. Roger @Jiihad @Kiwipom @LuthonTheDragDown @Van
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