Future Events Who will replace Issho?


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Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
They're not going to let go one of the strongest members of the Marines over a few slaves. The last thing they want is another Kuzan situation.

It was a simply a clash of ideals between two types of justice.
This guy is the best admiral ever with balls made of steel.
Akainu knows well what kind of man fujitora is and yet nothing has changed.
Fuji's destiny is to be the next fleet admiral. This is how a marine should be and his admirals are going to be smoker, Coby and some other similar to them.
Only good guys for the world protection.
This is what i wish to happen but even if it doesn't happen, fujitora is too strong to be fired.
Might as well bring Vergo back and make him an Admiral. :kobeha:
Well i was always against the idea of smoker being admiral based on his pl but if crocodile suddenly takes 2 billion bounty for whatever reason smoker can be an admiral if oda wants to lol. He is one of the few good ones and he has a lot of screen time to just left behind as a VA.
As for koby, the kid has all the potential and he is the future of the marines as garp said.
Koby reaching admiral level it's inevitable.
With issho being traitorous scum once again and inevitably being fired, who will replace him as an admiral?

He wasnt replaced as of 957 though. Even after all of this hes shown talking to Sakazuki:

Idk why people think Issho is going to defect. The dialogue right here still places him on the side of the Marines and WG even AFTER saving slaves at Mariejois
Fujitora should receive a dishonorable discharge after his public showings of negligence as an admiral, but he will still be among the ranks despite obviously sabotaging the World Government time and time again because Loda doesn't have the balls to do such a thing to a fan favorite character, which in story makes the World Government even more inept than they already are.


Year of the black beard!
I can see Issho turning away from the World Government, he might choose to follow the flow and let himself get pulled into the gravity which is the "D", Luffy and Blackbeard. He might aid Luffy in another way, fight of another chaotic neutral character and maybe, just maybe, make space for a new admiral.

He could also fake his own death and join Cross Guild. That's a fanboi theory tho lmao.