Who your Favorite SUS Users

Zoro D Goat

ℨπ”₯π”žπ”¬'𝔰 π”Šπ”―π”’π”žπ”± β„Œπ”’π”žπ”³π”’π”«π”°!πŸ‘‘
Thanks for the mention babe.:cheers:

The most sus ones are probably @BangoπŸ… or @TheKnightOfTheSea or @Fuckthis3 imo.
@Zoro D Goat - Keep liking everyone, everywhere, all the time... very sus
@Zoro D Goat
Great user, but his "like spam" has a hidden pourpose, i'm sure about that:watchout:
Let's just say that it's a hidden agenda.....