Break Week Why are other fanbases jealous of Zoro ?



Is it because he is the #2 most popular character in the show?
If Oda removes MC tag from luffy , Zoro surpasses him by a huge number lmao. If zoro and luffy were both support charater , Oda would have given Luffy Kid treatment or even worse . there's no possible way to wank him without Plot armour.

They cant accept that he will end up top3-5 eos ?
Top 1-2..........
Any other reason ?
They are just zealous , that there Don't take as much as W zoro has Alone taken in The series so far. Zoro is a character Oda built to show What a truly Badass Character even mean. Sanji is Elegant. Luffy is nothing but dumb .

I can never make myself Like a DUMB MC.
In Naruto I wanked Madara and Sasuke the most.
In Dragon Ball , I wanked vegeta and Broly the Most.
In fairy tail , I wanked Gray and Laxus the Most.

These series MC are just the dumbest thing alive , where as there Deuteragonist Are the literal definition of Badass and Cool character.
- Yonko fans hate him because Mihawk is stronger than Shanks that means Zoro will end up > most of the yonkou.
- Admirals fans hate him because Zoro gonna end up above them.
- RA (Sabo, etc.) fans hate him because by default Zoro gonna end up above all of them.
- Supernova/Wg fans hate him because Zoro was is and always be above them.
- Luffy fans hate him because Zoro is often compared to Luffy the prodigy MC.
- Sanji fans hate him because Zoro will always be above their favourite.
- Shanks fans are just Luffy fans who can't accept Mihawk > Shanks so by default hate Zoro too.
- Roger fans well if they exist, since Roger is a swordman. They are afraid that not only Luffy but also Zoro gonna end up at that lvl.
- Most of WB fans are just zoro fans that's why there is barely any war between them.

Did I forgot any fanbase ?

Only BB fans have nothing against Zoro ... oh wrong there is erkan lmao.

All the reasons why their jealousy become hatred.
He'll be top 1 in our hearts but no doubt Luffy is getting some child of the prophecy power up at the eleven hour and be stay top 1, while whoever is his last fight will be top 2. Followed immediately by Zoro.


Kaido You can change these ratings
Dragon or Shanks/zoro

Dont know about top 2

If you say he’s stronger than WB Roger BB and Xebec You are ignoring the fact that only Luffy is set to surpass them lot

Forgot about Imu