Break Week Why are you pretending that Zoro 1,1 is ok

WG wasn’t giving out participation awards sadly.

It’s still semi respectable tho, bounties aren’t just I’m stronger then X anyway. Zoro a virtual nobody, on an upstart Yonko crew.

Ling/Marco etc. have been pirates for decades with there own name Recognition. Taking out a Mere YC not that important to the power that be, or the masses. Once he done something people care about his bounty will reflect as much
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Bounties were given based on Fame, not Performance

Captains receive 3B
Top Henchmen (Zoro, Killer, Jinbe and Sanji) 1B
Rest got +300M Boost for being part of Yonko Crew (Robin and Chopper were Exception)

However what's interesting is that WG believes being a Shichibukai is still superior to Germa Super Soldier but not Superior than Zoro

Having higher Bounty than Jinbe is huge huge deal
Zoro's bounty should be higher than 1.1 billion but most sh's should have a higher bounty. If we are being honest robin should have 1 of if not the highest bounty as only she can lead a crew to the last island and only she can expose the WG's centuries long lies and cover ups but they only give her a bounty around yc's? Zoro should have a higher bounty but 1.1 billion isn't terrible and it's only going to skyrocket from here especially knowing that being wss is 3.6 billion that's the minimum for Eos Zoro.
Why is it not ok thou?
The crew now has Yonko's crew bounty pattern with the Captain being insanely high while the commanders are around 1b, at least it isn't like BM crew
Its kind ok if we think that the SH just become a Emperor crew, while the Beast Pirates have been like that for many years.

Also think Oda want to keep SH bounties bellow the RHP bounties, to create hype after the BBP defeat them and get even higher ones, to prevent Zoro, Sanji, Jinbei, etc from fighting guys with bounties lower or similar to the ones the SH have.
Who the hell pretends Zoro 1,1 bi is okay? Not a Zoro fan for sure.

And you are not mad at Sanji too? Because I am. He also deserves at least 1,4 bi and Jinbei can't have a higher bounty than him.

Robin 900mi? Delusional.

Top Strawhats receiving minimal boost while bottom Strawhats receiving unrealistic boosts.