Questions & Mysteries Why Blackbeard and Shanks fought?

Why Blackbeard and Shanks fought

  • Over Luffy's DF or another DF

  • Something else

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This is interesting because we learned they fought after Shanks become a captain of Red hair pirates:

We know Blackbeard didn't take a Yonko commander position on purpose to hide his power and his D. name perhaps, so when the time came he can make his move without being detected by his enemies.

Blackbeard, similar to Shanks, is also a type of guy who don't fight if there is no reward.

BB is not like Burgess who would brag about being strong and search for fights. BB immediately understood Luffy commanded Zolo to not attack Bellamy because he is also like that he doesn't throw his punches over pointless fights:

And Shanks, what was the one of the first thing we learned about him? He also doesn't fight over petty things:

And its also ironic (maybe on purpose) Luffy makes the mistake to not ignore Higuma and gets angry and eats Nika Myhtical Zoan at this moment. Perhaps this distraction from Higuma and Luffy being pissed off caused this ruckus and Lucky Roo failed to guard the DF in that moment.

Anyways the point was Shanks doesn't act like an animal and doesn't fight everytime when someone does something.

Both Blackbeard and Shanks are similar when it come to this. Blackbeard searches for rewards while Shanks cares about his friends and also for rewards.

Then why they fought when Blackbeard shouldn't be leading WB pirates, it should've been a commander vs. Shanks if Shanks fought WB pirates when he was a captain of his own crew.

This match up doesn't make sense since BB was hiding his power and doesn't fight big time unless there is a reward.

What could be the reward for fighting Shanks?

We also learned that Shanks found Nika DF not so long ago before he met with Luffy.

And Blackbeard was searching Yami DF during his time in WB pirates although he also told Thatch he would want Suke DF as well (mostly for gag though) perhaps not Suke as the second DF perhaps he wanted Myhtical Nika DF too?

If both Shanks or Blackbeard heard about a clue that government found Nika DF then it make sense that they would fight for this.

But the interesting thing is even Who-s who didn't know about Nika DF he thought it was Gomu.

How did Shanks learn something even a CP agent doesn't know? Perhaps he was lucky or BB was lucky and Shanks learned from BB which is why he kept fighting CP agents over this fruit because both his crew was troubled that CP was on the board and CP agents also confused that pirates are attacking him over a regular DF (which they thought). When you see Shanks's reaction at Joy Boy Luffy's wanted poster, he didn't look like surprised more like he knew that DF was Joy Boy's DF.

So what do you guys think? Did Shanks and BB fought over Luffy's DF or over something else?
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I'm starting to think that Blackbeard would easily be Whitebeard's right-hand man if he hadn't hidden his strength on purpose, he was able to mark Shanks who possessed a bounty equivalent to a Yc1 with Shanks even as Yonko venting concerns about Blackbeard still ...

It's ok that he is not stronger than Oden and would possibly be a difficult match against Marco and his zoan, but at this point everything is debatable...
Shanks didn't fight BB himself
He fought his Hidden Form

That's why no one witnessed their Meeting and that's why Shanks said he wasn't caught off guard

BB's Secret lies in Enies Lobby


I'm not really sure if Teach and Bakagami fought over Luffy's DF. I guess the reason is because he learned that the gomu gomu no mi was the Nika fruit and believed that Ace, as the son of Roger would be the next JoyBoy but instead he found Luffy who ate the fruit which he was really panic about it and even comedically choked him to spit out the fruit
What exactly are you referring to Enies Lobby?
Blackbeard's Secret
Reason he has Strange Body
Reason he can eat Multiple DFs
Reason Luffy/Zoro referred to him as "They"
Reason his Jolly Roger shows Three Skulls
Reason he can't Sleep
... etc

It all came from something that was Hidden under Enies Lobby (And no, it has nothing to do with One Piece Treasure like that Yuderon Youtuber thinks)

Oda hinted at the Answer in Skypiea Arc, Post MF and Fishmen Island Arc, but I can share a Hint from Wano Arc

Why do you think Oda made Kaido's Hole look Spiral and next to Big Mom's Hole?

Doesn't it remind you that in Grand Line there is Huge Deep Hole with Spiral one next to it?
(Enies Lobby and Huge Whirlpool next to it)
It's possible that BB thought that Shanks had the Yami Yami no in his possession. That fruit was Teach's only reason he stayed on board Whitebeard's ship for all those years. Funny thing is that the Yami and Nika fruits look very similar. Cause Teach was extremely cautious about hiding his power, it would be ironic if Teach had taught Shanks the lessons about picking his battles.