Break Week Why could Sabo move and Sanjino not

Why could sabo move and sanjino not?

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why saturn would use his abbility against cobra ( who used wheelchair) or wapol who was to far away when they felt him
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saturn needs to watch them as we saw in this chapter
No, Saturn needs to look at them for the blow to the head. The aura is different and we don't know how it works and from the painel it looks like an area attack.
Candyboys is trying to say than sanjino can't move it doesn't mean his haki is trashing because saturn has a strange hax. But if that it would be true why sabo could move it even when there were 4 gorosei more (in hybrid form) and the same imu, who same he was also in his hybrid form:suresure::suresure::suresure:


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Look at that line! "If possible I was aiming to get everyone with that one attack!"
Sabo doesn't play around, straight for the kill! Best stocks ever!
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Because Saturn declares that it's been a while since he has come to the surface.

The Gorosei in Mariejois hasn't been dispatched in a while AND they were in shadow forms (aka silhouette modes) and so Sabo couldn't see them clearly hence why he can move.

If the Gorosei were activated their abilities, Cobra would have get his head exploded and locked in place.
Imu's face is a well guarded secret. They wanted to kill him at all costs, even destroyed an entire island so the secret dies with Sabo.

There's no way they didn't activate all their auras, haki, conquerer whatever the hell kind of demonic circles they could use.
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Zoro and Law are clapping his Ass. Especially Zoro now who can even counter fire. He wouldnt even need to counter it to beat Sabo tho. Zoros Potential and Strength currently is by far higher than Sabos cause of advanced CoC. Sabo is slightly stronger than Sanji.
Zoro has yet to defeat Lucci... he might eventually, but the struggle is real.
Law can't even beat BB, doubt Zoro can. From a narrative perspective Sabo is definitely going to fight BB and win.

After the fight with Saturn the SHP will definitely be exhausted. If the rest of the BB crew reaches the Island by that time, then Sabo's entrance will save the day.
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It's been years since I read Dressrosa but as I remember it Sabo was so strong Oda had to put him against Fujitora. Otherwise he would have easily dealt with Doflamingo that gave Luffy and Law a lot of trouble.

Sabo >>> Sanji in every department.

No knock on Sanji though. I rate Ace as > Marco at the time of his death (did better against BB) and current Sabo as > Ace.