Questions & Mysteries Why Did Oda Even Bring Vice Admirals To Egghead

Does anything change this arc if the VAs are not here?

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After Triple Chin used Steam Knuckle to one shot a sea beast, I thought we would see the VAs in action on Egghead.

All they did was chase Sanji around a bit, two of them got one shot by Kuma, and now they’ve left.

What was Oda cooking ????
Same reason oda always has people screaming im the background or inserts another unnecessary flashback. To take up panel time.
Oda mentioned in his festa-letter for 2024 that a fight between "that person and that person" will lead to unexpected results - he is hinting a plot-twist here. After that, we will probably not anymore have Luffy wanting to leave. Then we could get 9 VAs against 9 SHPs.